Monday, January 21, 2013

The 7-day Rule

I’m a girl who likes what I like.  And sometimes I can be a bit bossy about it. Or a “Bossy 
Cow” as my husband would say, or gently moo (in passing). It’s okay, I’m from the Dairy State. I’m used to cows mooing when I walk by. 

My tastes are pretty simple—ask my husband—bubble gum, sushi and headshots were simple requests written into our wedding vows. And when I like something, my friends will usually hear about it. Take my favorite iced tea at Starbucks: a Venti iced, half passion, half green tea, shaken unsweetened, no water. I have ordered it in Starbucks and Starbucks drive-thrus across the land for years. So much so that my sister Kim now drinks it in Plymouth, Wisconsin, my Aunt Robbie in Hiawassi, Georgia, and my dear friend Cyd here in Santa Monica.

I have also been known to return said drink if the ingredients are wrong, circling back thru the drive-thru to have it “fixed.” I’m not afraid to return something if it’s wrong, food included. 

The other day I believe I may have taken my return policy too far. (Quite out of habit.) I had ordered a Coke and French fries from the neighborhood Carl’s Jr. drive-thru and promptly drove away. I was running late for an appt and two miles too late I realized that the fries were actually a spicy chicken sandwich. I didn’t have a chance to return or exchange it until the next day. Yes, I actually went back thru the drive-thru to get my fries. I could barely get the order out of my mouth because my friend Lori, who was in the car with me, was laughing so hard. I tried to give back the sandwich, but they weren’t interested in that return. However, they were more than happy to provide me with my fries. Two points for Carl’s Jr. 

I think it’s important to like and be happy with the things we shop for. That might seem like an obvious statement, but sometimes when we get home from a shopping spree, that pair of jeans or blouse or sweater that we were convinced we couldn’t live without seems to have no place in our wardrobe. Many of my friends find the thought of returning something too arduous to be worth it. I couldn’t disagree more. That’s what a return policy is for. And that’s what the 7-day rule is for. 
The 7-day rule: Wear your new purchase within 7 days or it goes back.
If it is an item that is meant to be you will incorporate it into your wardrobe immediately.  If not, it goes back.  A new purchase should have you so excited to wear it that you can't take it off for days.  Exceptions: formal wear or seasonal items.  The rule for these still applies if it's a real find.
Which leads me to my current Or should I say, boots, boots and more boots. I think I’ve gone a little overboard in this department and I’m eliciting your input. True confession time: I have enough boots to sink a ship already, as my Dad would say. (Refer to photo exhibit A, below.) 

But the Steve Madden sale and clearance has gotten the best of me. (See photo exhibit B, below.)

 Now, in the case of Steve Madden and many other retailers I have 30 days to make a return, not 7. But for my own sanity, I need to make a move and apply my own rule to the situation. Steve always gets it right in my opinion but I need to narrow down the “right” to one or two more pairs or I will need to build another closet, and that might defeat the purpose of the sale.

So I’d love you to weigh in on the different pairs of boots, which you can find here, here, here, here and here. Then go to the Steve Madden site to see if your boot itch can be scratched. Remember to use the promo codes for free shipping and 10 to 25 percent off. Sometimes calling 888-SMADDEN will enable you to save more money.

Happy shopping!


  1. Hey Bossy Qow (KeliQ ;)

    Great blog...I can relate, and this made me laugh. Reminded me of a day years ago when my sister had her mall parking spot snatched by an oblivious shopper who had no idea my sister had been sitting with blinker on for 2-3 minutes awaiting a car to back out of the spot. My sister huffed and puffed but moved onto another spot on another level. Then, 30 minutes later, she spotted the 'spot-stealer' in a store at said mall...and she walked up to her and said "you are not a very nice person!" and walked away...LOL. 7-day rule does NOT apply to Carl's Jr chicken sandwiches, and certainly not parking spots! ;-)

    As for your boot fetish, good luck Q ;-) I'm plagued similarly by Cole Haan's shoes!

    1. Thank you Mister Con!
      Yes, parking spots should definitely have a code or rule book of their own. And Rock on with your Bad Self and those Cole Haan's. Any luck in the pursuit of the cashmere polo?