Friday, May 10, 2013

Find the Magic

It's a Saturday night and I have just returned from an exhilarating, invigorating evening of "Vinyasa and Vino" at Yogaworks with a digerydoo-ist, a percussionist/flutist/guitarist and my sweetYogi/teacher Holli Rabishaw. As we flowed to the beat Holli reminded us that there is magic in the things that we neglect. 

Well that got the gut. 

So simple and yet so profound. It immediately brought to mind the abundant neglect I had recently bestowed upon my husband...and my Blog. How many other magical things have I been neglecting? The flowers, the laundry, my creativity? Not neccesarily in that order. Hmmm? Why is it so easy to take for granted or neglect the things that are right in front of our eyes? Well, distractions of course. Work, growing children, moving out of the house adult children, children with homework, children with projects, children in general.

Not that I am blaming children. Or considering them to be distractions. God knows that they are so much more than that. And blaming them would be as bad as or just another form of neglecting. So cancel that, because in my world children aren't the things that usually get neglected. Their "magic" is just too evident. But sometimes, as a Mom, in order to balance the other areas of my life, putting their "magic" off to the side and out of reach momentarily, helps me focus on the other things that I have been neglecting and need to attend to.

So, with our grown daughter Wyni back from New York City and living here in Los Angeles on her own, and Zeut at his drum lesson, I had the perfect opportunity to get back to those neglected things. I went on a date with my husband, I planted flowers in the yard, I did the laundry. And hey, I’m writing this Blog!

Huh? What do you know?! When I began to look upon those neglected items it was then that the "magic" appeared. 

Now, not to get too materialistic, but since this is "160gotitfor12" everything must circle back to style. So, what about my closet and "it’s" neglected items? I realized that since my recent closet organization I have in fact found the "magic" in a few previously neglected items of clothing. Ironically, this is causing me to create new fun outfits to wear, hence taming my impulse to go shopping to find new unworn items to add to the mix. Which yes, is always fun but can be a never ending cycle. 

So here are some of my recently neglected magical finds. Photographed by my never neglected son Zeut. 


My Grossgrain cotton cardigan from the Gap, worn with the ever neglected Jcrew "Minnie" pant and Madewell leopard ankle strap flats

This Eyelet skirt from a commercial I did years ago, feels fresh for spring with a sheer black sweater from Alternative Apparel and ankle strap sandals from Zara

My long forgotten Bulldog sweater from Target, worn with Converse fatigues with asymetrical pocket styling

JCrew vintage inspired 3/4 sleeve sweater and gap skinny jeans, worn with Timing sheer blouse and Sigerson Morrison boots, both discovered at Crossroads

My son Zeut Pierre Landry as photographer
                               What have you been neglecting?


  1. Replies
    1. Wow!! Momma this is amazing!! Seriously touched my heart:) I love this!! I love that you planted Flowers:) That makes me so happy! You always carry that Arelena (AKA Grandma LEPO) heart and Spirit! I can see Arlena cutting a pieice of our cactus from our old house and bringing it and planting it at our new house. I love that!! Aww and I love the photos of your neglected outfit pieces. SOOO CUTE!! And Zeutie took those photos?!?! Zeuts got dad's photography genes;) All I can say is this made me so happy!!

    2. Love you Wyndle! And we are going to take a trip through that closet of your soon! I promise!!

  2. Kel Bel, This is beautiful. What a great Mothers day message, and always with your great sense of humor.
    I love these outfits, I 'm now inspired to go into my closet and discover the magic.
    Happy Mothers Day My Bella, you are magic!
    Love you Loji

    1. Thanks Lolo!! You are too! Discover it! And thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. Made me want to make a list of what I am neglecting and get more magic! Thanks Keli and kudos to Zeut! Great pics.

    1. Thanks Toni!! Make that list! XX

    2. Just read it and thought I had never read it and then there was my comment - am I getting old? I never made a list but have managed to take care of a few neglected items! you are such a stunning creature Keli - I am pleased more than somewhat that I know you! hugs!

    3. I wrote it and felt that way rereading it!! Haha! And thank you Toni! The feeling is mutual!