Wednesday, December 25, 2013


 On my 10th Christmas I saved the big square rectangular box under the tree for last. I just knew It had to be the three piece denim suit I had been dreaming of and had begged Santa for.

I couldn't get that pantsuit out of my head that year. I had been day dreaming about it for months. The way I would step out in that ensemble. Strutting my 10 year old self down the street or at least down the aisle at church on Sunday! I knew that I'd feel like Annie Hall and Kate Jackson rolled into one the minute I put it on. I just wanted to be one of those leggy badass babes, walking...somewhere.

As it turned out, that year Santa thought I needed a dollhouse, requiring assembly no less, more than a three piece suit. And the disappointment has lingered with me to this day. How could Santa be so unintuitive and deny me that simple request? It hasn't been the same between Santa and me since.

There is just something so complete about a pair of slacks a vest and a blazer. The togetherness of it, the sexy 70's of it, the instant outfit of it. 

I managed to get over that disappointment somewhere between Junior High Home Ec and my first shopping spree at The Limited. Life taught me that sometimes you just have to take matters into your own hands.

Although the pantsuit remains my waredrobe star over Bethlehem, I have learned that the Jumpsuit makes a perfectly suitable stand-in. Here are a few shining examples of how single-handedly one item can an outfit make. And some that can actually strut their way through New Years Eve and beyond!

                                 Stella McCartney Denim Jump/Pantsuit 
                                                (On sale. Last one. I couldn't resist)       

                                  Versatility and only $49.00 

                               Jogger style and Deal of the Day!

Musician Jack Novac in Missoni jumpsuit at Cielo Farms

                                  Jumpsuit fromTokyo. Girl from Kohler Wisconsin

And look what I found in a big rectangular box under the Christmas Tree this morning?! A Vintage Tahari three piece suit! Santa you are alright with me!

Happy Holidays and may all your Christmas dreams come true.

P.S. I think I gave that Dollhouse to my sister after playing with it once. I have to admit that year Dollhouses and guinea pigs had the same appeal for me. 


  1. This is a great Christmas story. I think I remember this year Kel, the infamous dollhouse, never on your list, or guinea's.
    Merry Christmas Bella, I always remember our great Christmas's together, oh how I miss them.

    1. Ha! Yes I miss our Xmas's! Waking up together at 4 am to play the brides game and sneaking downstairs to get a peek at Santa's loot. The best memories!! Love ya Loji!

  2. LOVE this! Keep on rockin that suit!! xo!

    1. Thanks Jenn! I won't be able to resist. I will probably be seen grocery shopping in it! Ha!!

  3. Great story…greater suit! Merry belated Christmas!! ;-)

    1. Oh Mister Con! You know a good suit when you see one! Merry Belated to you as well!